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Epoxy Flooring Contractors in Yuba City, CA and surrounding area

When you need epoxy flooring at your business or home, you want a company you can depend on. We believe we're the one company in Yuba City that will make your epoxy coating look just the way you want and at a great price. We're a family-owned, local business, with decades of experience, so you can rest assured your floors are in good hands with us.

You want your floor coatings installer to be an expert. We just so happen to be some of the best in the area and industry! We offer epoxy flooring services for commercial facilities using the right tools and methods so your floors can handle lots of traffic from people or vehicles.

But we don't just do commercial flooring. We also have a great deal of experience installing garage floor epoxy in homes. Your garage can look beautiful with our durable coating. We can make your concrete floors look very muted and clean or install bright and bold designs for you. The choice is yours! For all your epoxy needs, trust only the best in Yuba City and the surrounding area.
Epoxy garage floor
Epoxy floor in garage

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Installation Process

Due to technological advances in epoxy coating, we can implement a variety of designs for you. Our professionals are experienced and efficient at coating floors. We take every precaution when installing your new floors. We can provide you with long-lasting and great-looking epoxy flooring!

Adding epoxy can make your floors look fantastic for years to come without breaking your bank. Floor coating is a great way to prevent oil stains while also improving the way the whole room looks. Your customers will love walking around on your floors with floor epoxy. Epoxy coating works great for warehouse floors, showrooms, your home’s garage, and much more!

Home Installation

We can absolutely install epoxy in your home and there are many different situations where it works great. The obvious example everyone thinks about is the garage floor and we can certainly do that for you. But we can also install epoxy coating to your pool deck, basement floors, outdoor stairways, and more. Adding epoxy to any of these areas will not only make them look better, but they’ll be more durable as well.

Commercial Uses

Epoxy coating can also be a major benefit to commercial buildings. It’s frequently used in manufacturing, hospitals, schools, car dealerships, and many other settings. This is because it’s very durable and increases the safety of everything around it. It’s also incredibly easy to clean.

Contact us to get a free quote on epoxy floor coating. There’s no requirement to hire us once we’ve provided you with a quote. You’re welcome to continue shopping or hire us if you’re happy with the quote.

Epoxy Floor in kitchen
Epoxy Floor

Metallic Epoxy Flooring

Metallic flooring is a yellow-type epoxy that we mix with other metallic colors. This gives it a shimmer and almost 3D design. We then mix this with epoxy resin and add it to your floor.

Metallic epoxy flooring can make your entire space look and feel special. If you need some help in choosing the exact colors, look, and design, our experts will consult with you. We want you to have the design that best suits your business or home. If you want a very custom look, we can do that for you.

In addition to looking great, metallic epoxy is also known for its durability, making it a great choice for warehouses with heavy machinery or stores with massive foot traffic. Another benefit is that it can be installed quickly so you won’t have to wait long to get back to using your space.

Epoxy Benefits

Metallic epoxy is very easy to clean for a lot of reasons. For starters, epoxy fills in all the cracks on your floors so spills and dirt don’t have any crack to get into. This results in you being able to clean your floors with a broom.

Cleanliness isn’t the only benefit of metallic epoxy. It’s also resistant to a lot of chemicals so it won’t break or crack due to spills. This is one of the reasons so many auto mechanics, carpenters, and hospitals use epoxy. Epoxy coating will make your floors stay looking high-quality even with chemical spills and heavy-duty machinery.

Low Cost

Metallic epoxy is also not expensive at all. It’s a fantastic investment because the equipment and materials we use don’t cost a lot. You can get metallic epoxy by paying a small amount upfront and it’ll look beautiful for years with little upkeep.

More Designs

Decorative floors should also be able to withstand heavy items and loads of foot traffic. Our goal is to make your floors both look fantastic and be extremely durable. We do this by using top-of-the-line paint that’s nice looking and strong.

We’re one of the best places in the area for you to get decorative epoxy coating. Why? We provide you with myriad options of styles, colors, and designs for your home or business in the Yuba City and theĀ surrounding area.

area. Does your business get a lot of foot traffic or use industrial machinery? No problem! We can make it durable and beautiful. Whatever your epoxy coating needs, we’ve got you covered!

We have a wide variety of epoxy coatings for you to choose from including solids, metallic, quartz, speck, and more. These are all great options for your home or business.

When we say your epoxy coating will be durable, we mean it. Your floors will stand up to heavy and hard impacts extremely well resulting in the design looking stellar for years to come. Whether you choose a chip blend or a faux stain epoxy, your new floors will have a fresh look with little-to-no required maintenance. Many people choose decorative flooring because they maintain their color and design for years to come.

Depending on the concrete, we can make your decorative epoxy coating as thick as a quarter inch. Maybe even thicker if you need it! That ensures your floors are industrial-strength and helps them survive even the hardest drop and accidents.